“Michelle was integral as my executive coach throughout my career. A nurturing mindset with an incredible ability to provide logical advice and guidance in various situations. From leadership, feedback, team building, and various ways to make meetings more effective were a few of the areas Michelle helped me grow. What I enjoyed most was Michelle’s empathetic approach that allowed me to continually enhance my empathic skills to coaching and overall leadership. If you are looking for a coach who will have you level up and truly coach you, Michelle is a great choice.”

Daniel Levine – Senior Vice President, Head of Sales & Marketing at Optimize Health and former National Sales Director Technology at Covetrus

“Michelle exquisitely uses her experience to provide leveled, sensible advice and support as a career search consultant. Michelle is thorough in her research for her clients and is not only knowledgeable of, but also extremely well connected to the current market. Michelle’s bright and positive personality made her the ideal partner, who was accessible and a true delight to work with.”

Patrick Seelig -Senior Manager, Store Allocation Planning & Governance at ADUSA Procurement and former Senior Analyst Merchandise Financial Planning at L.L.Bean

“After twelve years with the same employer, I suddenly found myself in need of a resume and a job search strategy. Michelle invested the time in getting to know me, my background, my skills and my strengths in order to help me craft a strategy that I am truly excited about. In addition, she shaped my story and helped me to anticipate those tough interview questions that you always wish you were better prepared for. My job search is now officially underway and I’m feeling really excited about My future thanks to Michelle.”

Peter A. – Marketing Executive, Boston

“My firm engaged Michelle for five days of staff and management training, with superb results that exceeded already-high expectations. Stone Coast has had identifiable benefits in team cohesion, commitment to company goals and culture, communication and a shared sense of mission. Michelle was an insightful and skilled facilitator, and immediately developed the rapport and trust necessary to get the most benefit with the groups she worked with. I would unreservedly recommend Michelle to any company hoping for similar benefits.”

Marc Keffer – Principal, Stone Coast Fund Services, Portland

“Michelle is simply one of the most courageous leaders I know. She has deep functional expertise and knowledge, learned at the shoulder of that great and like-no-other teacher called Experience. Beyond that, though, her truly distinguishing strength is her ability to cut through the superfluous to get to and deal with the heart of an issue. With unshakable integrity, thoughtful inquiry, and humane and fair executive leadership, Michelle is the kind of partner you want to be tied to when you tackle your toughest challenges.”

Carol Eleazer – Principal, Carol Eleazor Consulting, Boise

“Michelle’s skills in developing leaders, strengthening work groups, improving operational workflow/efficiencies; and facilitating groups, will translate to improved bottom-line results and a better workplace culture for any company she may work for or advise.”

Andy Couch – Grocer and Big Box Retail M&A, Boston

“Michelle’s advice was both pragmatic and innovative. She asks insightful questions and has a great talent for facilitating discussions. I would absolutely recommend her and her firm to anyone seeking a fresh perspective that is rooted in a solid foundation of practical business experience.”

Sean Sinclair – Principal and CEO, Baker Newman Noyes, Portland

“Michelle is a remarkable coach, strategist, and industry expert who has provided sound guidance that helped me make critical business and career decisions. The depth of her network and the breadth of her industry intelligence make her an invaluable source of current information. I regularly recommend her professional services to those in my own network and have always received positive feedback. Likewise I would recommend her services to anyone looking for an engaged, effective, and energized partner who can help you achieve greater goals with your business or career.”

Tracey Smith – Director of Product Management, BlueTarp Financial, Portland

“Michelle was the #1 reason I found a career when relocating to Maine. I moved from Michigan and was recommended SKH and their customized career transition services by a friend. I starting working with Michelle one on one about a month before moving to Maine and I had a job within four weeks of being in Maine. Choosing SKH was by far the best decision I ever made, Michelle is personable and resourceful, she was easy to communicate with via phone and e-mail when I was back in Michigan. Michelle made my career transition seamless by redesigning my resume and highlighting my professional skills. I can not say enough good things about Michelle and Smith Kjeldgaard & Hayes.”

David Palazzolo – Business Office Supervisor, OA Centers For Orthopaedics, Portland