Public Safety

Public Safety

Public Safety

Our psychologists, Phil Smith and Wendy Kjeldgaard both have extensive experience evaluating police officers, firefighters, dispatchers, game wardens, marine patrol officers and probation officers and are well versed in the unique challenges of the public safety field.

For public safety clients, we supplement our standard assessment process with both the CPI and PAI which provide norms for subgroups of public safety applicants. It is essential to compare candidates with a large sample of other public safety applicants applying for the same position. Police officers and firefighters show unique characteristics on psychological tests, and it can be very misleading to interpret their results compared to the general population. Our public safety assessment services also include a complete review all collateral materials (polygraph, background reports) as well as a thorough face-to-face interview with each candidate.

From hiring new employees to providing promotional assessments to candidates for supervisory and management roles, we have the specialized experience public safety departments need to make informed hiring decisions.

Public Safety Agencies We Work With

  • Auburn Police Department
  • Eastport Police Department
  • Gouldsboro Police Department
  • Kennebunkport Police Department
  • Oxford County Sheriff’s Office
  • Richmond Police Department
  • Washington County Sheriff’s Office
  • Wells Fire Department
  • Wilton┬áPolice Department

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