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SKH is a team of human resource executives and psychologists with decades of experience at companies in a wide range of industries. Together, we offer professional assessments, outplacement and career transition services, public safety employee screening and career counseling and coaching to organizations and individuals here in Maine and throughout the country.

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About SKH Solutions

what we do

Professional Assessments

SKH views assessment as the skillful blending of psychometric data, interview observations and our experience with a wide range of managers and leaders. We use a variety of assessment tools in our work. These include the Hogan Assessment System, the Hogan 360 Survey, the LEA leadership assessment tools, the 16PF Personality Questionnaire as well as a host of specialized tools for specific populations and needs.

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Outplacement & Career Transition Services

Periodically, organizations are faced with the difficult decision to restructure or downsize their workforce. Just as your organization regards it's interviewing process, hiring process and culture as part of its employment brand, SKH's outplacement services will compliment and enhance your employment brand. Our personalized, face-to-face career transition services help make your employees job search process a seamless one and are customized to each individual.

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Public Safety

Our psychologists, Phil Smith and Wendy Kjeldgaard have been conducting psychological assessments for a combined forty years. Our assessment process for public safety employees uses best practices to evaluate candidates from a variety of public safety fields. We provide testing for candidates such as police officers, firefighters, dispatchers, game wardens, marine patrol officers and probation officers.

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Career Counseling

A career change can be the result from any number of life events, from a company downsize to a major life transition to simply needing a different kind of challenge. Taking the steps to find a better career fit will not only improve your overall job satisfaction, but increase your likelihood of success in a new role.

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Executive Coaching Services

SKH views coaching as being essentially a partnership. The coach brings another perspective which stimulates new ideas and awareness, and provides support in making important behavior changes. Reciprocally, the coach needs to work with the situation at hand (organizational needs, requirements and expectations), and help the individual manager/leader achieve goals that are relevant to his/her personal and organizational success.

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